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Tuesday, January 23, 2007

If the thunder don't get you than the lightning will

So Erin and I made the usual new years resolution. Eat better and exercise more.

I don’t smoke we barely drink, aside from the aforementioned guitar hero addiction, sloth and gluttony are my only vices. So we’re three weeks in and I feel like we’re making progress and yesterday we took a huge step towards sustaining this habit. We took our first spin class at the Union Center Gold’s Gym, which is by the way a freggin palace.

For those of you naïve to the world of spinning, it boils down to a stationary bike race. A stationary race is exactly what I just said. I know that sound ludicrous. How can one have a race that doesn’t move? Well I guess it’s not really a race but more of a non-competitive struggle. Basically, like any other fitness class the instructor is prompting you in your work guiding you through different moves set to music except in spin you’re on an exercise bike and the moves are visualizations for a real bike race, like hills and sprints and so on. This entire experience takes place under a black light so all the self-conscious baggage that goes with working is gone cause no one can see you. As torturous as it sounds, its really fun and we’re going again on Wednesday.

So combine that with a more veggies and less ice cream and we may be pedaling down the road to salvation, even if the bike isn’t moving.


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