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The musings of a Twenty-Something substitute teacher, written while baby sitting kids for teachers to lazy to make decent sub plans.

Thursday, November 02, 2006


So as marching season draws to a close I have turned to the prospects of getting third job one to bring in more income and utilize all the new found “free time” that I will have. I started my searching process on Friday and because I’m such a valuable commodity in the labor market was hired yesterday, less than a week not to shaby. That’s a pretty sweet turn around. I’m the newest member of the sales team at Sears of Eastgate Mall. I will be in selling these and these on week nights and Saturdays for next few months. Yes, it’s a totally commission job. But I’m really confident about all this and I am ready to sling some appliances. The two guys who interviewed me were pretty amped about my demeanor, saying I may be a natural salesmen. Apparently, even fridge and stove sales go up during the holidays and they need more seasonal help. So I’m going to be a salesmen, and I will work my hardest not to be a sleazy one. At the very least it should make for interesting blog entries.


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