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Thursday, October 26, 2006

Candiate X apply directly to the forehead, Candiate X apply directly to the forehead

Political adds are in the news more than ever, mostly because they are getting more and more out of hand. With the Michael J Fox add:

the yet another reason to hate Jeff Suppan add,

this add from Tennessee the candidate its attacking Harold Ford, a black man, who happens to have attend a Playboy hosted 2005 Super Bowl party.

NAACP got real pissed that the chick in that last one was white, cause in the south white woman/black man is still a button for people. My favorite part of this story is Ford’s response; “I like football and I like girls”.

Having suddenly found a new interest in a network TV shows (Heroes and Studio 60 mostly, that’s another entry though) and watching Jeopardy whenever I can I’ve been barraged with OH/KY adds lately as I’m sure most of us have. Jeopardy is the worst because its biggest viewing demographic is the voting demographic, 45-85 year olds. I see adds for 4 different congressional districts two in OH and two in KY, plus countless local races and Ohio ballot initiatives and state office races. I swear there are some breaks that are nothing but political adds. I much rather have Alex Trebek underhanded sexist comments interrupted with commercials for Fixodent and Perpetration H than some these adds. None of our ads are as controversial as the ones above but with two weeks left and supposed closetedly gay gubernatorial candidate, I won’t be surprised.

I really don’t see how any of these adds change people’s minds about how they will cast their vote. This country is so sharply divided because we make up our minds well before any real debate occurs, I know these spots are not real debate but they are all most American get before an election. If people listen to political talk radio they either listen left ward stations or rightward ones. People choose their political allegiance early and very rarely switch. Real shifts in allegiance occur once a generation, if that often. And it take a radical change in thinking by a party to cause that shift, i.e. Democrats running on a civil rights ticket and loosing southern support in the 1960s. I know political scientist want to act like there are masses of swing voters out there and that campaigning makes a difference. And it does but not to change peoples minds, it may only slightly get people out to vote who normally would not. So would it not serve to channel the billions of dollars spent on these adds into campaigns to simply get people to vote.

Oh I know why, because then maybe there would be real reform and progress in our government. And no body wants that on either side of the aisle, so the real tactic hear is to disenfranchise voters in order to maintain the traditional powerbase.


  • At 4:50 PM, Blogger PEPI said…

    It also relates to the media feeding off its self. Last night we watched three news programs in a row with segments on negative ads... more media covering the media...

    I don't think the ads change peoples minds so much as agitate the base. Speaking of which, I'm a little concerned that yesterdays ruling by the NJ supreme court will turn out more of the gay bashing right wingers in other states

    I've never perceived ALex Tebek as sexist, he's an equal opportunity condescendor...

  • At 9:10 PM, Blogger parsons said…

    very nice last couple posts lanzy. I'm sad it took campaign sleaziness and a brutal game 7 loss to garner the subject material, but I was very impressed with the comments you make.

    i'm doing persuasive essays with my students and one of them is persuading america to have more of a socialist makeup. i like it in theory but it would have to undo 300 years of ingrained greed and that is no small task. maybe a lobbyist or two will be needed. joke. in any event i like your political commentary and await more cogent arguments.


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