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Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Just one more Free Brid before bed mom...

I know I know. Its been a while. Life’s been busy. No excuse, but get over it after a two month hiatus I’m back. To fill you in on life related stuff: Dewey’s is pretty sweet I’ve learned a lot about the operations of successful restaurant and get a chance to experiment with ingredients to pricey to mess with at home on a regular basis or to unusual to find at the Cincy grocers. Finished off the season with the Bengals ( if my life makes any improvements in the coming year it will be not working there). Thanksgiving went well, so long a go. We had a new years party the party went well the food not so great. I tried to make some beer butt chicken three ways and the grill never got hot enough I’m still having some charcoal issue but when the temp does get hot enough the flavor is so superior to gas its worth it. At our New Years Party, a friend brought over the greatest game ever. The next day we purchased our own and have been rocking out hence forth.

And that’s really what I’m here to talk about. How effing sweet Guitar Hero is. For years I’ve shunned rhythm based games like Dance Dance Revolution and Donkey Konga. Mostly because I felt it was not about the music but only a small piece, the rhythm. I’m a percussionist not a drummer and I need some tonal changes every once in awhile. Guitar Hero gives me that, all be it simulated, I feel like I’m actually making music not just reacting to it. The other thing about the game that makes it so much fun is the controller (yes that’s a whammy bar). Having it shaped like a guitar is one thing. Adding a tilt sensor brings it to a whole new level of sweet buttery rock goodness. You use it to activate a bonus mode so that when you go from this to this everything is worth more points.

The best thing about this game is its overwhelming universal appeal. The weekend after we got it, we brought it up to in laws place mostly for her brother to enjoy. Little did we know everybody would be in on the act including the Erin’s parents. And even Erin’s grandma seemed interested on the phone. Who hasn’t thrown up a little air guitar and maybe had just a glimmer of a dream of rocking out for real. This is the chance. And with set lists that boast tracks from the Stray Cats (Brain Setzer) to Anthrax to the Police to Black Sabbath (of course the invetiable Lynrd Skynyrd), everybody can rock out in the manner they see fit. The sequel which is what we own offers the best co-op mode I’ve ever seen in a video game. While one player takes the lead guitar line another plays their way through a bass or rhythm guitar part. Its great for parties cause novices can play on the easy level while a seasoned vets can work through a more difficult level simultaneously and no one will get bored or frustrated. So I extend an open invite, come play this game, I’ll make gaming appropriate snacks. You’ll rock out and your life will be changed.

One draw back…

Erin kicks my ass in it, which makes me feel like less of a man.


  • At 10:05 AM, Anonymous Erin said…

    You'll never be less of a man to me! :-*

    but I still kick your ass!!!


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