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Thursday, October 05, 2006

"we have a boy teacher today"

SIXTH GRADE is a whole different world from where I started in education (12th grade Sociology). Almost like going from this to this. But strangely the kids are no different. They want your help. Just with different problems. I know that’s vague but I think that’s another blog another time...

More importantly, Its fall and I got a game to reflect upon. I forgot how exciting playoff baseball was. The ebb and flow of baseball is gut wrenching and the playoffs. the first big gut wrench was certainly paulie's double play. Solo shots make me made but not when they they knot it up and put you in the lead in a tight playoff games. Mota is sure scary sometimes and Wags like any Met closer will make you sweat. It only one game and the road is long, but if the Mets keep playing with this swagger and that damn jew in right field stops being a dead spot in the order we should be in good shape (I'd knock on wood but I’m teaching a metal trailer ::dueling banjoes intro::)


  • At 2:44 PM, Blogger parsons said…

    SO TAGUCHI! Take a suck of that Lanzoff. Wags is done.

    Also, my boy Weaver was rolling the other night, but HOW in the hell does he GROOVE a pitch to Beltran like that in Game One. Holy cow that thing was right down the chute. Ugh. Let's go to the 'Lou for game 3.

  • At 10:40 AM, Blogger parsons said…

    JEFF SUPPAN! He SHUT DOWN the Amazins last night. Now you're relegated to throwing a 3-13 starter in a must win game? Oh the humanity.


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