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Sunday, October 01, 2006

crab bisque and other developments


With a the coldness creeping in... chez lanzoff is looking to expand its repertoire to soups and stews... so the spouse and i spent yesterday acquiring the necessary hardware to embark on such a culinary endeavor. This included the following:

Stock Pot
Emersion Blender
Cook Books

We then came home and I worked on crab bisque which could have been a huge success if I had given it one last stir before plating. It seem the white wine I used settled at the bottom or rose to the top and all ended up in Erin's bowl much to the chagrin of her pallet, which inncidentally srtuggles with the acidity of wine. My bowl was passable put upon tasting Erin's I realized my mistake. I pretty sure learned from the mistake and next time the bisque will be blissful, and sans wine. I feel like soups are the next step in my culinary development. It will take time but I will "make it work"

On other fronts, Fusion got a shaky performance off on Friday night at Amelia's homecoming. Muddy conditions pushed my pit to the track which created this weird sound delay which the kids adjust fairly well to. But there where lots of other problems musically and visually. We got 2 weeks until the next time we see judges and lots of work to do. But tons of, the that dirty word, potential, the question is can we make something of it.

Well its football/dog park time and then off to a big pre-fast meal. A fasting entry will come tomorrow.


  • At 9:17 AM, Blogger PEPI said…

    Next time try sherry instead of white wine... the sweetness will enhance the bisque


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