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The musings of a Twenty-Something substitute teacher, written while baby sitting kids for teachers to lazy to make decent sub plans.

Monday, October 02, 2006

the animal crackers taunt me from afar

Well the bulk of the fast is done but the hard part is covertly slinking around the bend. I feel no effects yet. But I know I will by the time the next set of kids rolls through the door. And my schedule today it the worst possible. The teacher has actually asked that I do some real teaching which normally I’d be all for and kind of amped about, its 7th grade math so at least its kind of brainless stuff. Plus I've been asked to do a lunch duty. So I get watch the little 6th grader munch there hot dogs and slurp there chocolate milk that should be fun. The cherry on this fasting Sunday (maybe i should avoid food analogies) is that there is a huge jar of animal crackers on this woman's desk. I hate animal crackers but I know by the end of the day they will look like a rutts hutt ripper or slice of Joey’s.

I share this not to gain sympathy only to vent and keep record of the event. Its a ritual I actually enjoy and find valuable in the end, however, working during it sucks. Hopefully someday I won't have to do so.


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