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Friday, September 22, 2006

L'shana tova

Tonight at sundown the Jewish new year begins. I will celebrating as it seems in some way have every year since the fall of '95 with marching band (holy crap I’ve been doing this thing for 11 years that’s almost half my life), replacing the shofar with on of these.

This years apples and honey bowl is between Glen Este and Amelia which is a rivalry on par with that of Islanders and the Devils in that. The Isles have not been a real threat to beat the Devils in years, but I still hate the fishsticks. In this case the Amelia Barons are the Islanders. Tomorrow we have our home competition which is an all day affair of hosting other bands and hopefully if the rain allows raking in lots of dough for the band so we can get these kids some decent equipment.

So needless to say i will not be hitting up any shul this high holiday season. I know I know I know, I'm such and bad jew. But ya know what, I'm still spiritually connected to my jewishness. I still regard myself as a jew and I always will, its just the past few times I've gone (all be it all high holidays) I really find myself struggling connecting to the act of group prayer. I will still fast for Yom Kippur, light candles for Hanukah and avoid the leaven products for Passover. But going to temple and getting all jewish just doesn't sit right for me and it hasn't for a while. Probably since 9/11, I guess I've kinda gotten turned off by organized religon in general. So i guess you could call it a mini and uneventful crisis of faith. But that really is what Judaism should be one big crisis of faith.

Oh well I guess I've gotten a little to deep for my readership (what readership? No one has commented in a while!!).

On other fronts I actually got an email back from Paul Lukas, of uniwatch, he seems interested but we'll see.


  • At 11:28 AM, Blogger PEPI said…

    I always read it! and you had to know this blog would cause comment.

    True attending temple is about also about feeling part of a spiritual community. Being a part of a bigger thing, extending your family. Yes you are a part of other 'families'; band people, hound puppies, etc. but the chevre you feel from other Jews is special. Think about the experience of Eisner, how you felt about those friends comapred to the Belleville crew. Both great sets of people, but was there not something special about Eisner?

    It's tough in Cincinnati, I know. Midwest Jews are different from East Coast Jews. The big showboat temples don't have the homey feel of Beth Sholom. But maybe there are other groups other smaller places out there where you will feel more a part of the community.
    IF it is G-d you are questioning, try Beth Adam (the center for humanistic Judiaism.

  • At 11:40 AM, Blogger PEPI said…

    One more thing..

    l'shana tovah


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