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The musings of a Twenty-Something substitute teacher, written while baby sitting kids for teachers to lazy to make decent sub plans.

Thursday, October 19, 2006

stuck inside of sixth grade with 7 train blues again

I'm still buzzin from last nights game. I was tired as all get ou yesterday and not looking foward to possibility of being called in today. And 6:05 come around and the phone rings. I'm ina the messiest most unorganized sixth grade classroom today. Everything about today sucks; the lesson plans are awful, the kids are out of controll, i only have comp access right now during lunch; the ancipation of game 7 is the only bright spot and that makes my stomach turn in knots more complicated then the ones we had to make when climbing this at eisner. I know the crowd will be electric and i know that will spur the Mets bats, just hope we can hold off the cardinal bats like last nights first 8 innings.

I believe and so should you.


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