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Monday, October 16, 2006

6 more wins and getting colder

I know, I know 11 days with out a post… Get off my back

A couple reasons why I’ve haven’t posted in a while. For a stretch I was truck with classroom with out computers or poorly placed ones. With no series of tubes to search and nothing else to do I was forced to read, god forbid. I borrowed a novel from one of my pit kids, I’m half way through it and its really good. I recommend it. I was weary cause it was something this girl was required to read for school but I’m feelin it now. Other reason is that I’ve been busy getting this thing off my foot, rehabbing my ankle and searching for the perfect high top in which to slang suds at PBS. That’s right I’m back in the game of getting folks drunk as the they enjoy sporting events. And I became so just in time for a trip to the COPA for the ALCS as run by the company I work for at GABP. I wont go in to details but the folks in Detroit really did not want use there despite the fact that they need us because the local vendors suck ass, and I took the brunt of that inhospitable attitude and during wound up not getting to work most of game four. At least I got to see Magglio’s shot. (after which I thought about that’s city’s history of celebration gone civil unrest, and wanted to get our bus immediately)

Obviously, I’ve been on a bit of a roller coaster Mets wise especially not being able to watch most of Friday and all of Saturday night’s debacles. But I watched every pitch last night especially the ones the Cardinals bull pen gift wrapped for Carlos^2. So the pond scum are slowly rising to the top. They just need to play their brand of baseball and maybe they will be headed to the COPA themselves. And I hope the Mets will be able to make the Detroit PD’s job a little easier, and perhaps i will make the trip for games 2 and 3 as well. Although with forecasts like this and this maybe the games will never be played.


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